Karaweik Hall – An Ancient Vestige of Burmese

Karaweik Hall, also known as the Karaweik Palace is one of the most popular attractions in Yangon. The design of Karaweik Hall is based on Pyi Gyi Mon Royal Barge’s architecture, a palace used by ancient Burmese rulers. The hall was built in 1974.
The Karaweik building is a concrete structure that looks like two giant gold birds, with roofs built in the shape of Pyatthat. The magnificent palace with its spacious interior, shaped like a ship, was built in the image of a Karaweik, a bird in mythology.


There are two yellow balls hanging on the cliff of two Karaweik birds, while the back of the arch structure, formed by the Karaweik birds, is colored red and yellow, with the image of a Nat Spirit.
Inside the Karaweik Hall there is a meeting room, a reception room, a theater and a buffet restaurant with a variety of dishes and beverages coming from various countries.
Looking away from Karaweik Palace, this place is like a big, yellow boat floating on the glistening Kandawgyi Lake and sparkling in the sunshine. At night, the Karaweik Hall is brightly lit with splendid architecture floating on peaceful Kandawgyi Lake.
In addition, there are many interesting and interesting activities. There is also an exhibition of traditional Myanmar handicrafts, Burmese art and costume. If you really want to experience a romantic space and immerse in music and art, then do not overlook Karaweik Hall.
Information you should know about Karaweik Hall:
– Kandawgyi Lake opens until 10pm. However, the traditional Burmese entertainment activities inside the Hall starts at around 18:30 pm and ends at 9:30 pm.
– The fee for visiting Karaweik Hall is about $ 0.50 USD or 300 MMK. The estimated fee for the buffet is about $20 per person.