The Seasons in Mandalay

The climate is divided into three seasons which are the dry season, hot season and rainy season. Each season has it owns features and reasons to encourage the tourists spending their time in Mandalay.

Dry season from November to February

The dry season lasts from November to February, it is a quite pleasing weather with little rainfall and cool air. As a result, the dry season has become one of the most favorite time to take Mandalay tours to explore this land of tourists. Remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated to make sure that your body and mind are healthy enough for the whole trip. Moreover, please note to be aware that you should book a hotel in advance as they are usually busy and full in this season.


Hot season from March to April

The hot season endures from March to April as the weather is featured with scorching high temperature and there is less rainfall. During the daytime, ultraviolet radiation is extremely strong, so if you are planning to take Mandalay tours in this period, do not forget to bring along with yourself the necessaries such as sunglasses, high SPF sunscreen, sun hat, long-sleeved shirts. When the temperature is incredibly high, especially from midday to 4 pm, you had better arrange and take part in indoor activities at your hotel.


Rainy season begins in May and end in October

The rainy season begins in May and end in October with the southwest monsoon breaks out in May which brings rain showers to the region. Heavy rainfall may cause a few difficulties for the tourists such as flight delays, muddy roads, and unclear views. Therefore, you should be indoor and arrange some interesting activities to enjoy. However, it is the low season, the costs will be more low-priced than in the peak season, so in some aspects, this season would be the best time to visit Mandalay. During the months of rainy season, it is easy to get dengue fever (An acute mosquito-borne viral illness of sudden onset with a headache, fever, prostration, severe joint and muscle pain, swollen glands (lymphadenopathy), and rash). To avoid being by mosquitos, you should avoid exposing your skin in the grass and wear a thin long-sleeved shirt when going outside or taking part in outdoor activities.

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