The Weather in Inle Lake

Located in the heart of Myanmar, Inle Lake weather featues the monsoon climate in Myanmar. The weather in Inle Lake is similar as other parts of the country. It is great to visit in all year round. The best time to enjoy an Inle Lake tour package is from November to February when it is less rain and the weather is cooler and more convenient to take amazing boat trip around the lake. In hot weather, the temperature can climb up to 35oC, but relatively convenient to take outdoor activities. To find out more about the best time to visit Inle Lake, keep scrolling down!

Cool Season from November to February

The cool (or dry) season in Inle Lake last from October to February next year. This is the most pleasant time of the year with an average temperatures of around 22 – 33oC (72-91oF). There is relatively little rain especially in January and February. Therefore, taking Inle Lake tours this time is best ever to take outdoor activities. This time, visitors to Myanmar are very crowded because of the mild climate. However, keep in mind that the weather becomes much colder in the early morning and evening. Therefore, it is necessary to bring a jacket to get warm.


Hot Season from March to May

Hot season in Inle Lake lasts from March to May. The average temperature is about 24-35oC (75 – 95oF). The lake experiences strong sunlight and some rain during summer making it less visited than the cool season. Nevertheless, to be in Inle Lake means that even if in the hot season, you will still be able to experience the weather that is more comfortable than other places in Myanmar. Hence, all you need is to prepare sunscreen and hat for protection against the sunlight.


Rainy Season from June to October

The rainy season at Inle Lake starts from July to September. This time, it rains frequently and heavily around the lake. To many visitors, this is not a good time to take an Inle Lake tour as the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities. However, there still reasons for you to come here during the rainy season. Rainy season is the low season in Myanmar. Likewise, you can expect fewer tourists and more space to explore the area. As it rains a lot, the temperature is much cooler than summer. So, if you do not like the heat, rainy season would be a better choice.