Visit Sacred Temples in Mandalay

Mahamuni Temple

Being one of the must-see spots in Mandalay, Mahamuni Temple is a destination that cannot be missed on any Mandalay tours. It is the most sacred temple in the region and its popularity is only behind the Shwedagon Pagodas in Yangon. A visit to the temple will introduce you about the story of the construction. According to legend, King Candrasuriya asked Buddha to make a statue of his size for worship at Mahamuni Temple. In 1784, King Bodawpaya captured Arakan and transferred the statue of Buddha with his troopers and captives. He built up the temple at the foot of Mandalay Hill to preserve the most sacred Buddha statue in the region, to confirm his devotion. Tourists on Mandalay day tours can see the massive Buddha image in the main hall. It is huge, measured 3.8 m high, made of gold and decorated with precious stones. Note that only men can approach and gild the statue.


Hsinbyume Temple

The giant white temple is in the northern end of Mingun Village has attracted more and more tourists’ attention through a photo on Instagram. Built-in 1861, the name of the temple was named after a queen, Hsinbyume, who had passed away while giving birth.


Kuthodaw Temple

Among Mandalay tourist attractions, Kuthodaw Temple is the must-see spot for a Mandalay day trip. The temple contains the largest marble Buddhist scripture in the world, carved on 729 marble slabs. Built-in 1857, Kuthodaw Temple consists of the main temple and many small towers. Specifically, the main temple is inlaid gold totally, shining under sunshine. Tourists on Mandalay tour packages will have a chance to challenge themselves on reading the special symbols that carved on the slabs.


Snake Temple

Snake Temple is another name of Yadana Labamuni Hsu Taung Pye Paya Temple, one of the interesting tourist spots in Mandalay. Gaze out at the temple somehow is an amazing but challenging activity to do in Mandalay tours. Starting in the 1970s, three large snakes came here and slept around the Buddha statue. Since its appearance, the giant pythons in the temple have never left. Otherwise, they have become the goddesses that are respected by the faithful and the monks every day.