Gawdawpalin Temple, Bagan

The Gawdawpalin temple is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in Myanmar. The temple has more than 800 years of history is a favorite destination of many visitors. The Gawdawpalin temple has a similar architecture to the design of the Thatbyinnyu, the Htilominlo and Sulamani temples.

Although there are many connotations behind the name of the Gawdawpalin temple, however, literally, the name of this temple means “the throne which was worshipped.”
From the Nyaung U Airport, just about 20 minutes drive, you can come to the Gawdawpalin temple by getting in a taxi. When visiting this temple, it will be convenient for you to hire a bike to discover this temple and neighboring areas.


The Gawdawpalin temple was built in the reign of Narapatisithu and completed in 1227 during the reign of Htilominlo. The temple was severely damaged during 1975 due to the effects of the earthquake, but it was built and restored in the following years. Unlike other temples, which are usually home to the remains of monk gauss, Gawdawpalin after restoration was constructed in the hollow style of the tower with the meaning of a place to think and retreat.
Because of its hollow style, the Gawdawpalin temple’s structure is suitable for people to mediate and worship, as well as carry out various Buddhist ceremonies. Many people have said that the Gawdawpalin temple were the second highest temple in Bagan.
Gawdawpalin has a face-to-face structure and four faces that create a solidity and stability. The two-storey Gawdawpalin temple has three low-rise terraces and four upper floors. The lower six-sided solid concluded the Buddha image in each side of the four sides. The higher cube is smaller and the top of this temple consists of a sikhara and a hti.